Family First.......

Sugar Hill began as a small time sweet stand at local farmer’s markets, with our six young children Olivia, Whitney, Isabelle, Malaki, Titus, and Beautiful. In a time where candy is at every front counter for a dime a dozen, Sugar Hill’s mission is to create confections that taste like someone cares each piece handcrafted by a family with a dream and a love for life. Most people don't know that we do most things together from road trips to markets, painting the store, and naming products. We are a family unit and want to share our family with you because when you come to our store our goal is for you to leave with a warm feeling in your heart and a great snack in your bag. We want you to know us as people because when you come to our store it's about more than providing you with a product it's about giving you a feeling that you cant get anywhere else because it's our family that we give you. In every aspect of our business, we want that to show that family is first always. 




Beaver Valley Rd, Port Ludlow,

WA 98365



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